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Itero Dental Scanner

There’s a specialized dental technology we use with our patients to help them get the clearest picture of their oral wellness: the iTero dental scanner. An intraoral scanner, we use this device with our patients at least once a year to track their oral health.

We are committed to staying on top of the latest trends and equipment in dental technology. This allows us to ensure that our patients have continual access to the very best tools and techniques for their oral health.

For example, let’s say you clench your teeth but you’ve been wondering if you really do need a night guard. We’ll scan your mouth once a year, then when next year’s scan rolls around, you will be able to see a detailed digital replica of exactly where the trauma is happening, and how critical it is to resolve it.

The iTero shows where you have trauma in your bite through various color coding. It provides a clear visual representation of any areas that need treatment, such as if you are experiencing worn, chipped, cracked, or damaged teeth.

We find that our patients feel more confident in determining their preferred treatment plan when they can see for themselves what’s going on with their teeth. We also use the iTero dental scanner to replace traditional impressions.

And if you call in to say that you misplaced that nightguard you finally opted for, at the touch of a button, we’re fabricating a new one for you thanks to this technology.



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