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Experience Smile Design In Manhattan

Digital smile design in Manhattan is the hottest thing right now. Here at Gramercy Dental, we use it with our clients to help them get a sense of their ideal results up front so we can work towards them together.

The process is very simple:

We start by taking several photos of you: your face, your smile, and your whole head from the front.

Then, we use our digital smile design app to create a mock up of how you would look with the cosmetic dentistry procedure you’re considering.

The digital smile design process takes into account the proportions of your face, how your face is shaped, where your nose is on your head, how far your nose is from your lips, and much more.

Why? Because all of these factors are crucial when considering how aesthetic dentistry appliances will look on you. Many people don’t realize how the different aspects of their face and lips, in particular, will be affected by dental work, and this process helps ensure that everything looks natural.

The scariest thing as a patient is having people think your teeth look fake. No one wants to hear, “Oh, I love your teeth! Who did them?” Yikes!

You want to feel comfortable and confident with your new smile, knowing that it looks 100% real and genuine. We get that. That’s why we use this process to create the best possible outcomes for our cosmetic dentistry clients.

Want to use digital smile design to plan your best-ever smile? Call us today to schedule.



A Custom Treatment Plan to Save One Man’s Smile



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