Saguel’s story

Do you like your morning coffee? So does Saguel. But unfortunately her teeth were suffering from it. The coffee staining resulted in a yellow discoloration, which made her self-conscious to smile, hiding her pearly not-so-whites from the world. Not fun. Thanks to Dr. Francine Estrada, though, Saguel is now smiling big and proud all over town. In just one visit, her teeth made a massive shift and so did her confidence. (Isn’t it clear from her photo?)

You can benefit from a whiter smile, too. How you smile, and how you feel when you smile, say a great deal about you. First impressions are everything!

Don’t let your love of coffee - or wine! - make your smile suffer. The Zoom! system is here to reverse staining and discoloration and help to refresh your smile in one quick and convenient appointment.

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1. It’s fast!

Most patients only need one short visit - less than an hour, total! You can expect a brighter, whiter smile by the time the appointment is complete, allowing you to return to your busy lifestyle, stat.

2. It’s safe!

The main component of Zoom! Whitening is a light activated gel, mainly composed of Hydrogen Peroxide, which has been proven to be safe for both your enamel and dental restorations. The Hydrogen Peroxide allows oxygen to enter the enamel and erase discolorations without changing the tooth surface structure. While the whitening gel is not effective for bonding material or porcelain, have no fear, it will not damage or weaken any of your previous dental work.

3. It’s effective!

We’re talking 8 shades lighter than your initial shade of white - all in less than an hour. (Some cases go as high as 11 shades. Whoa!) You’ll get immediate results that will last you long beyond your initial session.

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