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Imagine being packed up and ready to hop on a flight, or actually arriving in your destination city, only to be stopped with extreme tooth pain. The kind that qualifies as a medical emergency and needs attention immediately.

This was Bill a few years ago. An urgent root canal was needed, and luckily he found Dr. Francine Estrada’s office in Midtown Manhattan to help him. The whole experience was quick, convenient, pleasant, and almost painless. (Let’s be real here, it was a root canal, after all, but as we explain below - it’s not as painful as you might think!)

The staff “saved his ass,” as he puts it. Let us share with you the specific tips on root canal emergencies that could save your ass, too:


Bills Testimonial about Root Canal Emergency NY

1. better than extractions.

When given a choice between a root canal or tooth extraction, always go with the root canal treatment. No matter how well a tooth extraction goes, the resulting dentures, bridge or implant you’ll receive after just won’t look, feel or function as well as natural teeth. Plus it’s way more costly than an endodontic procedure that will actually save your tooth for years to come. Bottom line: preserve your natural teeth if possible.

2. not as painful as you think.

Never choose extraction over a root canal because you think the root canal treatment will be more painful! The truth is, modern techniques and effective anesthesia make the modern-day root canal experience virtually painless. What’s more, discomfort after the procedure is generally much less than it would be with a full tooth extraction.

3 flexible & covered by insurance.

Most dental insurance plans cover root canals. Most dentists are extremely flexible in accommodating emergency cases so your pain can be relieved quickly. Root canal treatments generally require one to two visits lasting less than an hour each. While an extraction requires one visit, the denture, bridge or implant will require several additional visits with your dentist.

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